Tamar Doukarsky-Marx, DMD, MSc, Periodontist

Dr. Tamar Doukarsky Marx is a leading dentist, expert in periodontics – implant surgery, a graduate of the Hebrew University Faculty of Dentisty in Ein-Kerem Haddassah Medical Center – Jerusalem. In addition, Dr. Doukarsky-Marx has a Masters of Sciences degree in Dental Medicine based on scientific research in the field of bone augmentation materials.

Dr. Doukarsky-Marx is a graduate of the speciality program in periodontics at the department of Periodontology, Haddassah. As a skilled and experienced periodontist she leads in her practice an array of treatments, including periodontal surgery, dental implants and periodontal aesthetic treatments.


Clinic Services:

Periodontal Examinationboletimg

Examination and diagnosis of periodontal disease and oral lesions; Consultation and diagnosis before prosthetic and implant treatment.

Dental Implantsboletimg

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, collaborating with leading prosthodontists in the formation of a personalized treatment plan.

Sinus Augmentationboletimg

Bone augmentation of posterior upper jaw (Maxilla) to enable implant therapy in areas with bone loss.

Periodontal Surgeryboletimg

Surgical treatment of severe periodontal disease including restoration of dental attachment, surgeries to correct aesthetic and prosthetic defects. All performed in the highest standard using evidence-based techniques and materials.

Bone Augmentationboletimg

Correction of bone defects as a base for dental implants, using advanced bone regeneration techniques, high skills and strict sterile conditions.

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